Refrigerated Milk Dispensers for Offices, Care Homes, Hotels, Cafe's and Brasseries

Provided free* when you order milk from Drinkmilk

Branded Milk Dispenser for Restaurant or Brassarire

Milk dispensers an hygienic and cost effective way to manage your milk.

Many customers are opting for these units as part of Covid-19 control measures in the workplace as they reduce handling of milk bottles. 

Milk Dispenser Benefits

Reduce Packaging

Each unit contains a 24 point milk in a box re-fill - drastically reducing the amount of packaging compared to traditional milk bottles.


Milk Dispensers are a cost effective alternative to milk bottles working out considrably cheaper for the higher milk user.

Lower Food Miles

Less deliveries means less journeys delivering milk reducing your carbon footprint..


Many customers are opting for these units as part of Covid-19 control measures in the workplace.

A Choice of Milk Dispensers

Refrigerated Milk Pergal

Brasserie Style

Stylish looks with an illuminated display with automatic condensate and defrost and downlighting in the dispensing area. Can be customised with your custom design. click here

24 Pint bag-in-box re-fill

Milk Cooler

Classic Milk Pergal

Maintains milk at the perfect temperature, simple and fast to re-fill, fully removable tap and drip tray for easy cleaning. White Laminated Finish. British made. click here

24 Pint bag-in-box re-fill

The Perfect Solution

A milk dispenser is the perfect solution for businesses such as Offices, Care Homes, Hotels, Cafe’s and Brasseries. They are hygienic requiring minimal cleaning and are easy to re-fill and operate.

Bag-in-box milk re-fills ( often referred to as Pergals ) are delivered straight from your local dairy. Each Pergal contains 24 pints or 13.6 ltrs of milk and are fully recyclable.  The Pergals are easily installed into your milk dispenser or milk cooler.


Bag in Box Milk Dispenser

Free Milk Dispenser Offer T&C's

Simply order your milk from drinkmilk and we will supply a milk dispenser free of charge. You must order at least one pergal re-fill per week and purchase from us for a minimum of 24 months