Office Milk Delivery

Daily or Weekly Milk Delivery

We will contact you after you place your order discuss your delivery days.  

(Minimum order 6 pints per week) 

Large Order? Multiple Sites?

Please get in touch for a custom quote for your business.

Custom Quote

No Contracts 

.Ordering an office milk delivery from us is 100% flexible , we do not have contracts.

Delivery is Free.

Glass Office Milk Bottle Delivery

Join the 1000’s whom are now moving “back to glass.” Fresh Milk delivered to your office, business or workplace in traditional glass bottles. Available in 1 pint, 568ml bottles.

Milk Bottle Delivery 2 Litres

Our best value milk bottles that still fit in the fridge! Depending on your delivery location we normally deliver weekly or twice per a week. Ordering from us is 100% flexible , we do not have contracts and delivery is Free. These milk bottles contain 2 litres of milk and are available in Skimmed, Whole and Semi-skimmed

Non-dairy and speciality office milk delivery

We can supply a variety of non-dairy and speciality milk including Oat Milk, Soya Milk and Almond Milk. Exact brands may vary depending on your delivery location. 

Non-Homogenised & Raw Milk Office Delivery

If you like a creamy top to your milk or are looking for unpasteurised ‘raw’ milk we now have these available.

Milk Dispensers

Save money and reduce waste with a milk dispenser or pergal in your office, canteen, school or nursery 

Office Fruit Delivery

Fruit delivered straight to your home, office or business via one of our premium fruit partners – Eatfruit or The Fruitier. From crunchy Apples to Juicy Plums   this is the perfect compliment to your milk delivery. Just like the milk, deliveries can me made nationally from Manchester to London to Glasgow to Plymouth so get started to day and swap those sugary snacks for some healthy fruit! 

Office Fruit Delivery

Fruit Box Delivery

Fruit Basket Delivery

Our Pricing and Order Process for Office Milk Deliveries

Once you have told us your requirements you dedicated account manager will contact you to discuss payment and delivery days, Our prices vary region to region. When you place your order we will contact you with our most competitive quotation for your region and quantity ordered.

* Sale prices apply for all milk ordered until April 2021. Maximum 30 pints per a week. Drinkmilk reserves the right to refuse deliveries. 

Milk Delivery Nationally