Multiple Site Milk Delivery

Multi-site milk Delivery

If you are a facilities management ordering for multiple sites across the the UK we can take the milk management headache away..

Office Milk Delivery to Multiple Sites 

Whether you are a facilities management company or just managing milk orders for your business across many sites across the UK; we’ll deliver direct to them all straight from your local dairy – keeping food miles down! We are the UK’s office milk delivery company. 

Facilities Management Milk Supplier

Keeping on top of milk and office essential supplies is no easy feat – so make your life simpler and drinkmilk can take care it, then its time for a cup of tea. Nominated people at each location can amend orders or all can be controlled centrally – and our prices are ultra competitive with various solutions to cater for the large and the small; all provided by a team with passion, supplying quality fresh milk to businesses the right way. 

Easy Milk Delivery Management

From the magical Edinburgh to sunny Plymouth ( and beyond;) we ensure you never have to go to the shops in the rain again! And we now have an on-line amendment tool allowing any nominated person to adjust the orders for particular sites securely, giving you control but without the hassle. Its time for a cuppa! No matter how many offices, or milk delivery locations you have, small or large help is on hand.

Eco-friendly National Milk Delivery 

When it comes to managing cost whilst taking care of the environment its not always easy, luckily with years of experience this is the right place to help you navigate  to the right decision for your business.   You can choose from traditional milk bottles in glass , returned after each use or full recyclable poly bottles which are much lighter so take less fuel to transport than gas which is very heavy. Milk Pergals, or Milk Dispensers for the larger user are a great solution offering low maintenance, a huge reduction in packaging and often work out much cheaper. 

So if your team are looking for dairy free, like soya or almond milk and just want limitless splashes fo traditional milk we can provide, all straight from a dairy located near to each site.  prefer whole, semi, skimmed, almond, goat’s or lactose free; we’ll deliver your office milk delivery direct to your workplace, straight from a dairy close to each of your sites. 

100% British milk delivered from a dairy local to each of your sites – saving food miles

We have dairies located across England, Scotland and Wales all of whom supply 100% British milk. We believe in doing things right, our margins are kept to an absolute minimum and we ensure a fair price is always paid to all the people in the supply chain. Its only this way that we can ensure that we leave the planet in a better way than how we found it, so lets make sure that we do. 

Setting up a Milk Delivery

Simply decide the sites you need a milk delivery for and how much each site they need then we’ll create an account for you – all you need to do then is decide which delivery days ( Monday to Saturday  ) and then the milk worries are over – with all your milk deliveries taken care of. So no contracts, 100% flexible and no long term commitments , just great milk delivered to your office in glass milk bottles or poly bottles. 

Office Kitchen Essentials

Now that the milk is taken care of the rest is easy, from office fruit deliveries featuring leading brands such as Eatfruit and thefruitier to Bread, Tea Coffee and Sugar for the office all the daily essentials can be taken care of – with just one monthly invoice. In fact, we can supply all the office essentials no matter what your preferences.

A London Milk Bottle delivery

Multiple Location Office Milk Delivery

We can service multiple sites across the UK with one consolidated invoice. If you have multiple sites these can be managed centrally or by nominated colleugues via our on-line portal.

National Milk Delivery

Facilities Management Supplies

If your managing orders for multiple sites we can make your job a “whole” lot easier.  

office milk glass-1pint-semi-skimmed

School Milk Delivery

We can supply milk to your school on a daily basis at very competitive prices. Contact us for a be-spoke quote. 

  • Multi Site Order Portal

    Its easy to manage your businesses milk requirements using our on-line portal allows you to issue unique pin numbers to authorised members of your team to update orders for individual sites

  • Consolidated Invoices for Multiple Sites

    One monthly invoice for all of your departments and site locations

  • 100% Flexible No Contracts

    We don't set you up on rolling contracts you can't get out of. We just ask for a few days notice in order to avoid food waste.

  • Deliveries From Local Dairies to Each Site

    We keep food miles down! Your milk will be delivered from your local dairy.

  • Glass or Plastic Bottles

    We will help you select the right product for your business, traditional glass bottles poly bottles or milk dispensers.

  • Get Started Today!

    Its easy to place your order. If you need any help e-mail us at or live chat with us.

  • Reliable Delivery

    We won't let the kids down! Our service is ultra reliable.

  • Eco-friendly

    Your milk will be delivered from a local dairy to your school and will not travel 100's of miles.

  • School Holidays

    Pause and re-commence or alter your order at anytime using our on-line portal.

office fruit multiple sites

Fruit | Tea | Coffee | Sugar | Healthy Snacks

Office Kitchen Essentials

Getting all of your office pantry essentials in one place across the UK, with one monthly invoice and the ability to allow ( if you choose ) a nominated person to amend each order at each site was a dream just a few years ago – now its a reality! Tea ,Coffee, Sugar, Fresh Office Fruit and Milk, of course can all now be supplied. 

National Milk Delivery

Its not always easy to find local milk suppliers and dairies that are close to office or business locations, so let someone else do the work, someone like drinkmilk that is. The national milk delivery network allows orders to be managed centrally whilst keeping food miles down and looking after the environment and supplying unique products that are not always available nationally like raw milk from small family run farms whom produce creamy, unhomogenised milk from our Honeybee herd of Jersey, Guernsey and Shorthorn cows.

Multi Site Office Milk Delivery

Reduce packaging. Hire or Buy a Eco-friendly Milk Dispenser

Larger offices may benefit from using a milk dispenser, often referred to as a milk pergal or milk cooler. If you haven’t seen one before don’t worry. So, these provide a mess free way of dispensing the milk and save valuable space in the fridge. In addition they are arguably better for the environment. Each unit is re-filled with milk in a box comprising of a bag in box 3 gallon (or 24 pint) re-fill – drastically reducing the amount of packaging. As a result, a milk dispenser, or pergal can often work out more cost effective. The milk dispensers may be leased from us so you have no up-front costs. If you would like to know more please get in touch. 

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