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Eco-friendly solution to your milk delivery. Hygienic and easy to maintain and install.

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Refrigerated Milk Pergal

Refrigerated Milk Coolers for Offices

Milk Dispensers, commonly called milk coolers or pergal machines are the ideal addition to any office, cafeteria, school or restaurant. Milk delivery to offices and the management of milk bottles can be a real headache for some businesses. In this situation a milk cooler, often referred to as a milk pergal or milk dispenser are an ideal solution. Not just suitable for offices and businesses however, these are also perfect for bars, restaurants, gyms and hotels – anywhere that uses milk! These milk fridges maintain optimum milk storage temperatures. All our milk coolers are also low maintenance and easy to sanitize after use. Milk coolers are available in a variety of designs to suit every environment, they can even be custom branded with your company logo or design. You perfect office milk delivery solution. 

Bag in Box Milk

The milk is delivered straight to your office or business in a cardboard box with a bag inside – milk in a box! This is otherwise know as the pergal, these can also be purchased from drinkmilk and delivered straight from a local dairy to you. Each one of these holds 3 Gallons, 13.6 litres or 24 pints of milk. Each one comes completely with a nozzle that allows the milk to be dispensed. 

Easy to install, hygienic and easy to maintain

The design of the milk dispenser allows for easy cleaning and the units can be plugged into a normal 3 pin socket and the plug is already fitted. The units can be placed easily on top of  kitchen units and are available in white or stainless steel, so you can choose one that looks great in the office. Spillages are kept to a minimum with the mess-free drip trays and reliable dispensing mechanisms, whilst the milk cooler is easy to clean and maintain due to the easy to clean surfaces used to manufacture it. 

Perfect for larger businesses, schools and cafeterias

If your office or business uses a high volume of milk then a milk cooler is often the best option as they are generally the cheapest option. You can purchase the dispenser for a one off cost or you can hire one from ourselves at a very competitive rate. The additional advantage is that the machines are entirely self-service – cutting those long queues in hectic school and workplace cafeterias.

Eco-friendly milk delivery

Many clients believe that milk delivery in this manner is the best method with regards to the environment, enhancing your companies CSR. A larger quantity per a delivery allows for less deliveries to be made – minimising food miles. They are also a great alternative to glass bottles which are very heavy to transport to and from the dairy, minimising the carbon footprint. The units themselves are also CFC free and have low energy consumption to ensure low running costs.

Milk Cooler Offices

The perfect solution for milk supply in businesses, its eco-friendly, easy to maintain, hygienic and much easier to manage than having your deliveries in poly or glass bottles.

Milk Cooler Hotels and Restaurants 

Ideal for breakfast service these are available with automatic defrost cycles and condense removal and stainless drip trays these attractive milk dispensers are perfect for restaurants and bars 

Milk Coolers Coffee Shops & Brasseries

A very hygienic solution for your coffee shop of cafe. Easy to operate,  re-fill and attractive in design. 

  • Temperature Control

    Cooling compartment maintains the beverage at the perfect temperature

  • Simple and Fast

    Simple and fast to load with new product

  • Easy Cleaning

    Fully removable drip tray and dispense tap for easy cleaning

  • Multi Site Order Portal

    Its easy to manage your businesses milk requirements using our on-line portal allows you to issue unique pin numbers to authorised members of your team to update orders for individual sites

  • Raised Feet

    Raised dispenser feet allowing for easy cleaning

  • Custom Design

    Branding options available (subject to minimum quantities)

Branded Milk Dispenser for Restaurant or Brassarire
  • National Delivery

    We can deliver to nearly all of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

  • Local Milk

    The milk dispenser re-fills - Bag in Boxes are sourced from your local dairy and delivered straight to your office

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    Its easy to place your order. If you need any help e-mail us at or live chat with us.

  • Made and Britain

    Both our coolers are made in Britain an we only sell British, Scottish and Irish milk

Bag in box milk Dispenser

Milk is delivered straight to your office business or cafe in one of our milk in a box “pergals.” Each box contains 24 pints of milk and are easy and mess free to change. 

Milk Dispenser Drip Tray
Bag in Box Milk Dispenser
Map local dairy office milk

Nationwide Delivery

Via our network of local dairies we can deliver to your building multiple times per a week – ensuring that you never run out of milk again. We provide an eco-friendly and cost-effective way for you to keep your office, business, cafe or hotel a happy and healthy one.

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