Milk Delivery Schools and Nurseries

Fresh, local milk delivered straight to your office(s), school, nursery or home in rotherham and surrounding areas.

School and Nursery Milk Delivery

If you’re looking to have fresh milk conveniently delivered to your nursery or school from a local dairy, there’s no need to look further than our complete milk delivery service here at Drink Milk. Request your quote today for school or nursery milk delivery from one of the UK’s leading milk delivery specialists, which brings milk to schools, nurseries, homes and businesses in most parts of mainland England, Scotland and Wales.

Office Milk Delivery

Have milk delivered to your nursery under the Nursery Milk Scheme

The UK government’s Nursery Milk Scheme has been running since 1946, when it was introduced to give children an additional nutritional boost at a time when food was still being rationed. And while rationing isn’t in place anymore, the National Milk Scheme continues to fund 1/3 pint (189ml) of milk a day for under-fives attending approved childcare facilities.

It’s easy to apply through this scheme for free milk, which we can then deliver for you right through the school week. To get started, simply ask for and agree to the quote that we give you for milk delivery to your nursery, before visiting the Nursery Milk Scheme website to register with the Nursery Milk Reimbursement Unit (NMRU).

You will have the opportunity when registering to select Drink Milk as your agent. And that’s it! We’ll wait to receive the application form and confirmation from the NMRU that you have registered with the scheme, before contacting you to arrange milk deliveries to your nursery.

Nationwide coverage, straight from your local dairy

Our milk is sourced from a network of local dairies allowing us to supply fresh local milk and the most eco-friendly way, supporting the local economy whilst keeping food miles low. We deliver from Devon to London to Kent to Essex to Manchester to Edinburgh

What’s so special about milk deliveries from us?

Milk delivery from a trusted agent like Drink Milk takes so much of the hassle out of sourcing milk for your school or nursery. We will deliver milk from a dairy close to your school or nursery, which will help to save food miles. Our milk is also 100% British milk, and we strive to pay a fair price to everyone in the supply chain, while keeping our margins to the absolute minimum.

You can also take your pick between having your milk delivered in traditional glass milk bottles that are returned after each use, or much lighter and fully recyclable poly bottles.

Oh, and you get plenty of options as far as the type of milk you have delivered to your school or nursery is concerned, too. From good old whole, semi or skimmed to the likes of almond, goat’s, lactose-free or dairy-free, it’s all on offer from Drink Milk!

We don’t just deliver milk, either!

banana delivery schools

We realise here at Drink Milk that it’s not just milk you may be constantly running out of at your school or nursery. That’s why we also deliver other supplies, including fruit such as bananas and apples, to establishments like yours. Just ask us today!

If you have questions about any aspect of our milk delivery service for schools and nurseries, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0333 050 7718.

Milk Delivery Schools And Nurseries!

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