Office Milk Delivery in London

Central London Milk Deliveries

We are a specialist office milk delivery service providing an ultra-reliable delivery of milk throughout the central London business districts including : City of London, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Isle of Dogs, Canary Wharf, Southwark, Lambeth, Lewisham, Hackney, Westminster, Camden, Islington.

Office Milk London

Ultra-reliable Service

Delivered to your office on a daily basis Monday to Friday.

Traditional Milk or Non-Dairy Alternatives

Soya Milk, Almond, Soya Milk and a choice of traditional milk delivered in your choice of packaging – glass or or poly bottles. 

100% Flexbile No Contracts

Via your dedicated account manager you can alter or cancel your delivery at anytime. We want you to come back because you want to not because your have to!

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Contact us for a no-obligation quotation. We offer large discounts for larger orders. 

Offices Outside of London?

As part of the drinkmilk network we offer deliveries across the United Kingdom. We specialise in multi site deliveries an can supply one monthly consolidated invoice.

Office Milk Delivery Nationwide

Office Milk Delivery in London

Milk deliveries used to be common place in London. The chinking of the glass bottles along with the cheery whistle from the milkman was a familiar sound to wake up to on a morning. For many years the mornings fell silent as consumers moved at scale to purchasing from the supermarkets seeing many milk businesses close. Over the last couple of years however traditional glass milk bottles have seen a significant rise in popularity driven by peoples’ desire to reduce single use plastic driven very much by campaigns such as ocean rescue. Businesses, as well as residential customers are now making informed decisions on what is the right solution for milk deliveries for particular circumstances. Whilst glass bottles certainly have environmental benefits over solutions which cut carbon footprints are also available such as the rise in the number of milk dispensers in high milk use areas that cut down the number of food miles and the amount of packaging drastically.

Multiple Site Milk Delivery

Are Glass Milk Bottles Back?

Reports from the dairy industry show a significant rise in the demand for glass bottles ( made from Silica (sand), soda ash, limestone, and cullet ) with some dairies reporting doubling of sales as a result. The Waste charity Wrap told the BBC  the environmental benefit is difficult to decipher. “For glass to be the better environmental option from a carbon perspective, our research shows that any bottle needs to be reused at least 20 times,”  read more. Taking other factors into account, such as the increased carbon footprint transporting glass, which is heavier than plastic makes making a decision on the best mode of milk packaging for the environment un-clear at best. 

Milk Products Delivered in London

  • Whole milk, Semi-Skimmed milk ,  Skimmed milk in Traditional Glass Bottles, Fully recyclable Poly Bottles or Bag-in-box Milk Pergals
  • Non-Dairy Milk including Soy Milk, Almond, Oat Milk
  • Office Fruit from, Bread, Butter, Yogurt & Healthy Snacks

Areas dairies deliver milk to in London

Dairies deliver milk across the City of London including Burmondsy, Westminster to the West End, Fulham, Isle of Dogs and Kings Cross. Also popular milk delivery areas are Southbank, Peckham, Brixton, Islington and Kensington. Postcodes include E1, E2, E3, E4, N1, N2, N3, N4, SE1, SE2, SE3, SE4.

Drinkmilk are the UK’s leading daily milk delivery network supplying  fresh milk to businesses and offices throughout London and the UK. 

Office Milk Delivery