Milk Delivery to Cambridge Office (s)

The freshest milk from your local dairy to your office. We make your office milk delivery as convenient and cost effective as possible.

Fresh | Local to Cambridge | Ethical | Reliable

Our Service | Flexible and Reliable

Our workplace milk delivery service in Cambridge is reliable and flexible. There’s no contract, its' 100% flexible and if you prefer you can receive just one consolidated invoice for your milk for all of your departments or sites.

Designed to reduce your admin workload you'll never have to worry about your office milk delivery again. It’s easy to cancel, amend or suspend deliveries.

Where we Deliver Milk

We deliver across the Cambridgeshire area. Areas we cover include: Abbey, Arbury, Castle, Cherry Hinton, Coleridge, East Chesterton, King's Hedges, Market, Newnham, Petersfield, Queen Edith's, Romsey, Trumpington, and West Chesterton. If your area is not listed please contact us. We can usually accommodate and get a milk delivery to your office.

Speciality Milk

We can provide many speciality milks from Soya, Almond and Lactose free.

We also supply the following to your office :

Bread & Biscuits

Fruit Juices

Water & Yoghurt

Interesting Milk Fact

Cows can produce up to 42 pints of milk per a day read more.


Office Fruit Basket Deliveries

We are part of | The Office Fruit Delivery Company. If you would like a fruit delivery to your workplace with your milk in the Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas please visit :

Office Fruit Basket