Milk for Business and Offices in Dartford

Fresh milk, fruit and office essentials to your Dartford Business or Office.


Dartford & Milk

Dartford is a town in the North West area of Kent, situated near Gravesend. Not far from London many think Dartford is a long distance away as it is in Kent. It is famous for the birth of Mick Jagger, from the Rolling Stones – a famous milk drinker himself we believe. Throughout Dartford, Gravesend and surround areas. Drinkmilk deliver fresh milk to offices and businesses each day.



Simple and reliable

Drinkmilk exists to make your life easier and simpler. With monthly invoicing, a dedicated account manager and a full range of groceries for your Dartford business you will have some much time on your hands for a well earned break! 

Fresh Milk, Speciality Milks, Groceries and Essentials all delivered with one monthly invoice. 

Locally sourced with low food miles

Selecting the right milk delivery for an office in Dartford and Gravesend is no easy feat. Of course, price is key but we all want to ensure that we buy in a manner that protects the environment and pays a fair price to all in the supply chain in order to ensure that the next generation continues the tradition whilst ensuring animal welfare standards so no matter how small or large your milk delivery is, or where you are based, we can provide all of the options you require – all from a local dairy, ensuring that food miles are kept to a minimum. 

How to order your milk deliveries

Simply call, e-mail or fill in our quote form and will help you get the best milk deal for your office. 

Fruit and groceries for offices

Why have multiple supplies for your office essentials like Tea, Coffee, Breakfast Cereals, Office Fruit and Snacks? Drinkmilk are partners with Office Orchard  – the UK’s premier grocery supplier to offices. 

Milk packaging

Milk is delivered in packaging of your choice. The most popular choice is to order either 1 Pint / 586ml Glass bottles milk bottles or 2 litre poly bottles as these fit comfortably inside your office fridge. For high milk users or this keen to reduce packaging consider a chilled milk dispenser. 

How to order your milk deliveries

Simply call, e-mail or fill in our quote form and will help you get the best milk deal for your office in Dartford, Gravesend or surrounding areas. . 

Milk and Groceries for Offices



Dartford & Gravesend

A map of dartford

Milk deliveries are daily or twice per week at most ensuring that you never waste any out of date milk. If you provide key fobs / access cards we will happily deliver your milk internally for you. Areas include Westcourt, Whitehall, Tilbury, South Stafford, Grays, The Bridge, Temple Hill, Southfleet and areas near by. 

Why Drinkmilk?

  • 100% Flexible No Contracts

    We don't set you up on rolling contracts you can't get out of. We just ask for a few days notice in order to avoid food waste.

  • Your in Control

    Its easy to manage your businesses milk requirements using our on-line portal allows you to issue unique pin numbers to authorised members of your team to update orders for individual sites

  • Eco-friendly Milk Delivery

    Your milk will be delivered from a local dairy to your school and will not travel 100's of miles.

  • Pause, Amend or Cancel Your Order Anytime

    Pause and re-commence or alter your order at anytime using our on-line portal.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Our dedicated account manager is always on hand to help with any issues or order amendments.

  • Monthly Invoices

    Pay for your milk, fruit and groceries for your office all on one monthly invoice.

Milk & Grocery Deliveries for Offices and Businesses in Dartford and Gravesend.