Edinburgh Office Milk Delivery

Fresh, local milk delivered straight to your office(s), school or care home from our network of dedicated Scottish dairies

Office Milk Delivery

Edinburgh fresh milk delivery

Recognised as the capital of Scotland since at least the 15th century Edinburgh now benefits from reliable, traditional milk deliveries to the doorstep. Not just milk of course, fruit, tea, coffee and other office pantry essentials can be delivered too, so no more running to the shop in the rain – you never need to miss your morning cuppa again! 

Glass is back

More and more businesses are looking once again at milk bottle deliveries in Edinburgh, and why not? Arguably they have some great environmental benefits. Advice is on hand if you want to know the best options for your business to office supply. You may choose the traditional glass option or you may choose the slighter cheaper poly bottle option, fully recyclable these are lighter to transport than glass, and for larger milk users you may wish to consider a refrigerated milk dispenser. The can be purchased or rented, are easy to maintain and re-fill and they reduce the amount of packaging drastically. 

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 Low food miles – locally sourced

Scottish milk for Scotland, all milk supplied by drink milk is sourced and delivered by a dairy local to you, this is so that food miles are kept to an absolute minimum. In addition, fair prices are paid to everyone in the supply chain.  .

How to order milk deliveries

Deliveries are made on a weekly basis Monday to Saturday, simply call, e-mail or fill in our quote form and will help you get the best milk deal. Don’t forget that you can also order all of your Office Pantry requirements from Office Fruit Baskets to Tea, Coffee, Sugar and Healthy Snacks. .


A London Milk Bottle delivery

Office and School Milk Delivery

Our ultra reliable milk delivery service in Edinburgh ensures you will not be let down. Orders can be easily paused for school holidays. We can also supply fruit and veg.

Multiple Site Milk Delivery
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 Milk Delivery


Via our network of local dairies we keep food miles to an absolute minimum. We have a wide range of milk, dairy items and groceries to choose from

  • 100% Flexible No Contracts

    We don't set you up on rolling contracts you can't get out of. We just ask for a few days notice in order to avoid food waste.

  • Easy to Amend your Order

    Its easy to manage your businesses milk requirements using our on-line portal allows you to issue unique pin numbers to authorised members of your team to update orders for individual sites

  • Eco-friendly Milk Delivery

    Your milk will be delivered from a local dairy to your school and will not travel 100's of miles.

  • Pause, Amend or Cancel Your Order Anytime

    Pause and re-commence or alter your order at anytime using our on-line portal.

  • Local Manchester Delivery

    We keep food miles down! Your milk will be delivered a local dairy to Manchester.

  • Glass Milk or Plastic Bottles

    We can supply milk in glass bottle or fully recyclable poly bottles. The choice is yours!

Edinburgh Milk Delivery


Edinburgh, renowned world-wide for its history, architecture, scenery and cultural attractions now benefits from locally sourced milk delivered straight to businesses, home and schools across the region. From Granton to Leith to Balermo to Barnton. 

 Scottish Milk Delivered

Speciality and Dairy Free Milk alternatives

Dairy free alternatives such as Soya Milk, Oat Milk and Almond Milk are also readily available catering for all of your teams requirements. 

milk Dispensers

For offices and businesses whom use a large volume of milk the best option is usually a milk dispenser. These use less packaging, are easy to maintain and generally work out a cheaper option. 

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Fruit and Other Office Groceries

With just one monthly invoice you can order all of your Milk, Fruit, Tea, Coffee, Healthy Snacks and other office essentials and if you have multiple sites then these order can be placed at site level via our Order Amendment portal, or it call all be controlled centrally. Its you choice! 

Edinburgh Milk Deliveries!

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