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Milk delivery straight to your office(s), school or home from our network of British dedicated dairies

Office Milk Delivery – it really couldn’t be easier!

We’re all familiar with those groans in the office when someone reveals that the milk’s run out again – and no one’s got the time during their lunch hour to run down to the shops to replenish the supplies. And wouldn’t it be better anyway if you could just avoid the hassle. Well, the great news is that you can, when you simply have milk delivered to your office by a local dairy. So, if you are looking for a daily milk delivery or weekly milk delivery you have found the right place. 
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Office Milk Delivery

We can service multiple sites across the UK with one consolidated invoice. If you have multiple sites these can be managed centrally or by nominated colleugues via our on-line portal.

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School Milk Delivery

Our ultra reliable service ensures you will not be let down. Orders can be easily paused for school holidays. We can also supply wholesale fruit and veg.

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Milk Delivery

Via our network of local dairies we keep food miles to an absolute minimum. We have a wide range of milk, dairy items and groceries to choose from (min. 6 pints per week)

Milk Delivery - Ethical & 100% British

There are so many great reasons to turn to Drink Milk for office milk delivery. They include the fact that our milk is 100% British milk, delivered from a dairy local to the offices that we serve. With our dairies being situated across England, Scotland and Wales, this greatly helps to save food miles.

Indeed, during this era when it couldn’t be more important to protect the only planet we’ve got, we’re proud to take an ethical approach to office milk delivery. That includes enabling you to choose between traditional glass milk bottles – returned after each use – and much lighter fully recyclable poly bottles, which we don’t need as much fuel to transport. 

We also help to reduce the amount of packaging needed through the use of milk pergals, or milk dispensers, for the larger user. Oh, and we also ensure everyone along the supply chain is paid a fair price, while keeping our own margins to an absolute minimum.

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But there are also so many benefits for you

It’s not just the eco-friendly and ethical approach we take to office milk delivery that has helped to make us the first-choice provider of this service for offices up and down the UK.

That’s because we also go to great lengths to make our service the comprehensive and convenient one that you can rely on, again and again and again. If, for instance, your office-based organisation has multiple sites in different parts of the country, we can provide a single consolidated invoice, and provide an online portal to make the management of these different sites easier.

Then, there’s the milk itself to consider. Whether your staff prefer traditional milk in whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed varieties, or perhaps a dairy-free option like soya or almond milk, that choice can be yours when you arrange for office milk delivery from Drink Milk. Lactose-free milk can be delivered, too.

Multiple Site Milk Delivery

Get your quote for office milk delivery today

Get your quote for office milk delivery today. It couldn’t be more straightforward to obtain a competitive quote for eco-friendly and reliable milk delivery to your own offices. You can do so online right now, or call 0333 050 7718 for a more in- depth discussion about your requirements with our team.
We’re also available via email, or you could simply activate our online ‘live chat’ feature in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. With milk able to be delivered to offices in most areas of mainland England, Scotland and Wales, Drink Milk can be your complete office milk delivery specialists!

Specialists in delivering milk to multiple locations

  • Consolidated Invoices for Multiple Sites

    One monthly invoice for all of your departments and site locations

  • 100% Flexible No Contracts

    We don't set you up on rolling contracts you can't get out of. We just ask for a few days notice in order to avoid food waste.

  • Multi Site Order Portal

    Its easy to manage your businesses milk requirements using our on-line portal allows you to issue unique pin numbers to authorised members of your team to update orders for individual sites

  • Reliable Delivery

    We won't let the kids down! Our service is ultra reliable.

  • Eco-friendly

    Your milk will be delivered from a local dairy to your school and will not travel 100's of miles.

  • School Holidays

    Pause and re-commence or alter your order at anytime using our on-line portal.

  • Local Delivery

    We keep food miles down! Your milk will be delivered from your local dairy.

  • Glass or Plastic Bottles

    We can supply milk in glass bottle or fully recyclable poly bottles. The choice is yours!

  • Get Started Today!

    Its easy to place your order. If you need any help e-mail us at or live chat with us.

Milk Delivery Manchester

Glass or Plastic Milk Bottles ?

Whilst many office and business milk customers are shifting to the use of glass bottles the arguments for and against the use of glass are not straight forward from an environmental perspective. Depending on your business location we can deliver your milk in 1 pint milk glass bottles, 1 pint poly milk bottles, 1 ltr poly milk bottles or 2 ltr poly milk bottles. If we deliver in glass bottles we will then pick these up with your following delivery. You can read more about the pro’s and con’s of plastic V glass milk bottles here.

Speciality and Dairy Free Milk

Along with traditional milk we can also supply Raw Milk, Un-homogenised and non-dairy milk such as Soya Milk, Oat Milk and Almond Milk. 

Additionally we can also supply other office pantry supplies such as tea, coffee, sugar, fruit and heathy snacks. 

If your looking for a office milk delivery, school delivery or have large volume order please get in touch with us for competitive pricing. 

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Reduce packaging. Hire or Buy a Eco-friendly Milk Dispenser.

Larger offices may benefit from using a milk dispenser, often referred to as a milk pergal or milk cooler. These provide a mess free way of dispensing the milk and save valuable space in the fridge. In addition they are arguably better for the environment. Each unit is re-filled with milk in a box comprising of a bag in box 3 gallon (or 24 pint) re-fill – drastically reducing the amount of packaging. As a result, a milk dispenser, or pergal can often work out more cost effective. The milk dispensers may be leased from us so you have no up-front costs. If you would like to know more please get in touch. 

We can supply machines for hire or rent. Please get in touch.

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