Office Milk Delivery Bradford and Leeds, Bradford and Halifax

Fresh milk delivery to your office or workplace in Leeds, Bradford or Halifax is a must for all offices to keep team fully hydrated, nipping out to the shop in the rain for the last min milk run to ensure the fridge does not run out is a thing of the past!  Our milk delivery is straight to your workplace from your local dairy. You will never have to worry about running out of milk again. Deliveries can be made in  pints or litres and we can even deliver fresh milk in glass bottles. 

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Our Service | No Commitment, Flexible and Reliable

Our office milk delivery service in Leeds, Bradford and Halifax is ultra reliable and 100% flexible. We don’t have any contracts and just ask for a couple of days notice for any amendments to your order. We can supply one consolidated invoice to cover all of your locations. 

Reduce your workload today! It’s easy to cancel, amend or suspend deliveries.

Local Milk Straight to Your Office

The freshest milk to your office from your local family owned dairy. We make your office milk delivery to your workplace as convenient and cost effective as possible.
Milk Delivery to Office Manchester

Milk Delivered in Glass or Recyclable Poly Milk Bottles

Why Choose Drinkmilk?

  • 100% Flexible, we don't tie you in to any contracts
  • We pay a fair price for our milk
  • We deliver our milk using eco-delivery routes
  • We supply local milk and fruit to your office

Glass Milk Bottle Delivery to Offices

Whilst many office milk customers are shifting to the use of glass bottles the arguments for and against the use of glass are not straight forward from an environmental perspective. Depending on your business location we can deliver your milk in 1 pint milk glass bottles, 1 pint poly milk bottles, 1 ltr poly milk bottles or 2 ltr poly milk bottles. If we deliver in glass bottles we will then pick these up with your following delivery. You can read more about the pro’s and con’s of plastic V glass milk bottles here.