Milk Delivery to your Sheffield Office, Home Nursery or school

Fresh, local milk available in glass or poly bottles

Multiple Site Milk Delivery

 Milk delivery in Sheffield

We make your office milk delivery as convenient and cost effective as possible. From milk for the children in nursery and schools to deliveries to peoples homes milk can be delivered daily, once per a week or even twice per a week if required. Our workplace milk delivery service in Sheffield is reliable and flexible. There’s no contract, its’ 100% flexible and if you prefer you can receive just one consolidated invoice for your milk for all of your departments or sites.

Designed to reduce your admin workload you’ll never have to worry about your office milk delivery again. It’s easy to cancel, amend or suspend deliveries. 

Direct from your local Sheffield dairy

  Its a hard choice when selecting a milk delivery. Of course, price is key but we all want to ensure that we buy in a manner that protects the environment and pays a fair price to all in the supply chain in order to ensure that the next generation continues the tradition whilst ensuring animal welfare standards so no matter how small or large your milk delivery is, or where you are based in the Sheffield we can provide all of the different milk varieties that you may required and its all delivered from a local dairy to ensure that food delivery miles are kept to a minimum.

How to order your milk deliveries

Making order for a milk delivery in the rotherham area is particularly easy. Generally if looking for a delivery to a school, office or nursery you should get a custom quote as this will ensure that you get the very best price – for home deliveries though, just use the checkout and of course, if your needing help just try our live chat on the bottom right. 

Glass or Poly Bottles?

Traditional glass bottle milk deliveries are back! Many customers are switching back to glass however the argument for using glass is by no means straight forward as they are heavier to transport than plastic and they are not suitable for all environments. Luckily we can supply whichever is your preference. 


map of Sheffield milk deliveries


Its not just Sheffield and the surrounding areas such as Brightside, Base Green, Bents Green, Hillsborough and Atlas  we deliver to. We deliver to Nurseries, Schools, Offices and Homes across the UK too  via network of local dairies – all on one invoice. 

Office Milk Delivery

Office Milk 

We can service multiple sites across the UK with one consolidated invoice. If you have multiple sites these can be managed centrally or by nominated colleugues via our on-line portal.

office delivery 1pint-whole

School and Nursery Milk 

Our ultra reliable milk delivery service in Sheffield and surrounding areas ensures you will not be let down. Orders can be easily paused for holidays. 

office milk glass-1pint-semi-skimmed

Home Milk

Via our network of local dairies we keep food miles to an absolute minimum. We have a wide range of milk, dairy items and groceries to choose from

  • Local Delivery

    We keep food miles down! Your milk will be delivered a local dairy to Sheffield.

  • Glass Milk or Plastic Bottles

    We can supply milk in glass bottle or fully recyclable poly bottles. The choice is yours!

  • Eco-friendly Milk Delivery

    Your milk will be delivered from a local dairy to your school and will not travel 100's of miles.

  • Pause, Amend or Cancel Your Order Anytime

    Pause and re-commence or alter your order at anytime using our on-line portal.

  • 100% Flexible No Contracts

    We don't set you up on rolling contracts you can't get out of. We just ask for a few days notice in order to avoid food waste.

  • Easy to Amend your Order

    Its easy to manage your milk order. Using our on-line portal allows you to issue unique pin numbers to authorised members of your team to update orders for individual sites

Speciality and Dairy Free Milk alternatives

Throughout Rotherham we deliver traditional milk along with other specialities are available,  Raw Milk and un-homogenised milk is a speciality- all from a honeybee heard of Jersey, Guernsey and Shorthorn Cows.  Dairy free alternatives such as Soya Milk, Oat Milk and Almond Milk are also readily available catering for all of your teams requirements. 

Fruit, Office Pantry items and Bananas for Schools - We deliver it all!

With just one monthly invoice you can order all of your Milk, Fruit (including Bananas and Apples) Tea, Coffee, Healthy Snacks and other office essentials and if you have multiple sites then these order can be placed at site level via our Order Amendment portal, or it call all be controlled centrally. Its you choice! 

Sheffield office fruit delivery

Sheffield Milk and Fruit Deliveries!

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