Office Milk Delivery in Cardiff

The freshest milk from your local dairy to your office. We make your office milk delivery as convenient and cost effective as possible.

Fresh | Local | Fair | No Hassle


Our Service | Flexible and Reliable Office Milk Delivery

Are you fed up of the last minute milk run to top up the office fridge let us take the hassle away for you. Our office milk deliver service is ultra reliable, we have no contracts and low minimum order quantities. We just ask for 48 hours notice for any order amendments. We are able to deliver to multiple offices and provide your with just one monthly, consolidated invoice or separate invoices for your milk delivery if you prefer.


Areas we Deliver

We deliver across the Cardiff and surrounding areas.

Speciality Milk

In addition to regular, full, semi and skimmed milk we can supply speciality milks from Soya, Almond and Lactose free. Depending on your delivery area we can either deliver your milk in glass or plastic bottles in pints or in 1 litre or 2 litre bottles. We can also supply fresh juice for the office.

National Network | partnered with your local Cardiff dairy

Minimal Admin | one monthly consolidated invoice

Fair Price | a fair price paid to our farmers




Office Fruit Box Delivery

We are part of the Eatfruit group of companies. If you would like an office fruit delivery with your milk in Cardiff and surrounding areas please click below:

eatfruit office fruit box

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Did you know this about milk?

Buffalo milk has 25 per cent more protein than cow’s milk.