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Letting the fridge run out of milk is simply not allowed, that morning cuppa is a must have. Luckily we deliver milk straight to you. No longer do you need to nip out to the shops in the rain. It doesn't matter if your prefer you delivery in glass milk bottles or poly milk bottles, if you drink whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed or oat milk we’ll deliver your office milk delivery direct to your home, workplace, straight from a dairy that is local you - minimising food miles.

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Milk Delivery to Office Manchester

Sourced From Your Local Dairy

Our office milk is sourced from trusted British and Scottish dairy farmers and delivered by a fleet of local partners to keep food miles to a minimum. So if you are looking for a local milk person to deliver fresh milk to your office or business,  then you have come to the right place.

Flexible and Reliable

A daily, or weekly  milk delivery to the office makes sense, the last thing you need in your busy day is to worry about running out of milk! No matter how many sites or number of office you have we can deliver a no-fuss solution to your milk supply. Our office milk delivery service is ultra reliable with no contracts. Its 100% flexible and you can cancel at anytime.

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Monthly Consolidated Invoicing & Discounts for Larger Orders

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How to place your milk delivery order

Each office needs to keep the office fridge topped up with a fresh supply of milk delivered in glass or poly bottles. Our customer services team are highly experienced and are ready to help you set up your office milk delivery. You can alter your order as often as you wish.

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National Deliveries

We partner with dairies across England, Wales and Scotland. This allows us to keep food miles down and deliver to you the freshest, locally sourced milk. We pay our farmers a fair price.

We also delivery Office Fruit, Tea, Coffee and other Office Kitchen Supplies

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Glass Milk Bottle Delivery

Whilst many office milk customers are shifting to the use of glass bottles the arguments for and against the use of glass are not straight forward from an environmental perspective. Depending on your business location we can deliver your milk in 1 pint milk glass bottles, 1 pint poly milk bottles, 1 ltr poly milk bottles or 2 ltr poly milk bottles. If we deliver in glass bottles we will then pick these up with your following delivery. You can read more about the pro's and con's of plastic V glass milk bottles here.


milk dispenser for office


Milk Dispenser for the Office

Larger offices may benefit from using a milk dispenser, often referred to as a milk pergal or milk cooler. These provide a mess free way of dispensing the milk an save valuable space in the fridge. In addition they are arguably better for the environment. Each unit is re-filled using a bag in box 3 gallon (or 24 pint) re-fill - drastically reducing the amount of packaging. As a result, a milk dispenser, or pergal can often work out more cost effective. The milk dispensers may be leased from us so you have no up-front costs. If you would like to know more please get in touch. 

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milk delivered to the office semi skimmed
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